Our Humble Beginnings

Scott and Tia comic character

The idea to write a book started when I (Scott) was reading a bedtime story to Tia when she was  5 years old.

I think it was “The Cat in the Hat” by Doctor Seuss.
When I finished reading the book, Tia said.  “I love that book.”

I told her if we wanted to we could write a book like that.
Tia looked up at me and said.  “Okay”.

I said “Okay… What?”
Tia replied, “Let’s write a book.”

I told Tia that I said “We could write a book” if we wanted to…
Tia replied, “Yes.  You said we could write a book…  And I want to.”

I knew right then that I had been trapped by my own words and a very bright 5-year-old.
As she looked up at me,  I realized that I had a big choice to make. What should I do?

I remember that my mind was spinning, and I was thinking.

How can I pull this off?
How can I get the drawings done?
I don’t have any artistic talent and I don’t know the first thing about publishing or marketing a book.

But I forced a smile and told her.  “Okay… Let’s write a book.”
That was my first lesson for her. Commit to your goal.

I found that writing that first book had so many life lessons it blew my mind.
Goal setting, patience, asking for help, and trusting that you will find a way.

The 10 biggest lessons are included at the end of each book.

And it took us 9 months to finish writing and publishing the book…
And we were excited about it, but not sure what other people might think.

But we accomplished our goal and wrote a book…
6 years old Tia Turner was now a published author. 

Scott and Tia comic character

Tia's Contribution

Tia was involved in every part of the writing of this book.
Every color of every image and every word that was written or drawn was approved by Tia.   

Most nights before bed Tia would read her book aloud to me as her bedtime story.
This allowed us to make sure it sounded like we wanted it to, and it could be read by a 5 or 6-year-old.   

And much to my surprise, Tia was correcting my grammar mistakes at 6 years old!
This was such a great bonding experience for us, and I am so grateful we continued on.

Tia’s Water Wish

An important lesson that I wanted to share with Tia is how good it felt to help someone in need…

We looked at different ideas.
One idea was to help people in poor countries get access to clean drinking water.
I explained to Tia that some kids were so poor that they had no choice but to drink dirty water.

I asked Tia,  “Can you imagine having to walk for hours just to get dirty water that wasn’t fit to drink but that was your only choice?”
Tia decided right then what she wanted to do.

That was “Tia’s Water Wish”.  That no child should have to drink dirty disgusting water…

And it seemed so perfect…   A young child, helping another child across the world.
A person she will probably never meet…

A true act of kindness…  Kids helping Kids
And what better lesson could we pass on to the next generation than this.

Looking for Heroes

We are not the hero’s of this story…
People like you who help Tia spread her “Water Wish”  are the real hero’s…
They are Tia’s Hero’s, and they are my hero’s.
But we can’t do anything without people like you…

Tia’s Angels

We believe that there are many people in the world like us that want to help but are not sure how…
Or they don’t believe that one person can really make a difference.    

We believe that even one person can make a difference…
We believe that it is up to each one of us to make the world a better place…
Tia decided that she didn’t want to wait for someone else to solve the world’s water problem.

 We are going to focus first on the water problem, and hope that others like you will join us…  

With your help we can change peoples lives for the better and create an army of people like us
that will truly make the world a better place to live in…